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Friday, November 20, 2009


"There is no taking back the bad thing he's done. Thierry isn't a cheat but I cannot bring myself to celebrate the fact that we are in the World Cup because of how we got there," - Robert Pires, former teammate and France international.

"After the goal, [Henry] should have had the decency not to celebrate. Perhaps he would have done better to stay calm." - Fabio Cannavaro, Italy
Great article about Thierry Hand-ry's handball right before the game winning goal against the Republic of Ireland.
You can watch the incident is so cruel sometimes. Will his reputation be forever tarnished?

And look at him after the game. He was so guilty that he couldn't even celebrate with his teammates. Instead chose to sit down next to Richard Dunne to try to make his case.

Monday, November 16, 2009

egypt vs. algeria

Pre-game context:

If you think Leeds vs. Millwall is rough you have no idea. The last time these two met was in 1989 when they were pitted in almost the exact same circumstances for the Italia 90 World Cup Qualification. Egypt won 1-0 thanks to a Hossam Hassan goal from an Ahmed El Kass cross early in the match. Then it became a really cagey affair and the referee finally whistled for full time signalling Egypt’s second ever qualification to the World Cup (they actually drew 1-1 with Holland who were in their prime and 0-0 with Ireland only to lose to England 1-0). The Algerians went crazy and took scissors from the first aid kits and attacked the Egyptian team, even later blinding the Egyptian Team doctor with a bottle.

Here’s the catch though, the Egyptians needed to beat them by 2 goals to draw exactly level with them; this would lead to another game on neutral ground in Sudan.
Beat them by 3 and they would go through.

The Egyptians, God bless them, are renown for being the biggest collection of choke artists. But not this time, about 80,000 people were packed into the stadium after spending the previous 2 days intimidating the hell out of the Algerian team, they attacked the bus and threw rocks at them, or didn't at all as claimed by a Egyptian Newspaper that asked how despite pictures of bloodied Algerians and broken windows, the windows broke out into the street and there were no pictures of any actual cuts…just kind of fake looking blood.

The Egyptians packed into the stadium at 10:30 AM…for a 7:30 PM kick-off.
It was mental. I think more mental than most South American games.


The Egyptians, actually Steve Bruce’s best Friend Amr Zaki, scored in the first 3 minutes and everyone went ape-shit. Then followed a very very tense 90 minutes…then Egypt scored in the 95th minute and I swear random objects just caught fire from the noise that erupted…check out the note that this commentator’s screams hit…unreal.

This takes them to a playoff on Wednesday in the safe haven of the Sudan…for Football lovers everywhere please please watch this it will be insane. Oh and cheer for Egypt. They deserve it; the reigning African champions twice in the row…

Some players to look out for; Abou Trika the playmaker is class, one of the five best players in Africa (Drogba, Eto’o, Essien, Keita are the rest I think), Al Hadary is an excellent keeper, and Zidane (not that one), Emad Moteab, and Amr Zaki are all very capable forwards.


Friday, October 16, 2009

war of necessity

The more time into Obama's administration, the smarter George W. Bush and the crazy NeoCons look.
I am serious.

During his lengthy 2008 presidential campaign Obama said over and over again that Afghanistan was a "war of necessity" while the war in Iraq was a "war of choice." So he was not saying that there shouldn't be a war on "terrorism", but that it shouldn't be fought in Iraq. Obama and the democrats wanted to prosecute the republicans for a choice they made that is looking smarter by the day. Let me explain.
I think its perfectly true to say that neither Afghanistan or Iraq attacked the U.S. on September 11, or were directly responsible for any Jihadist attack that has happened around the world. The culprits and real enemies of the U.S. are the terrorist organizations that are most times harbored by these two countries.

But the key point is, where you aim the spotlight.

As we have over the years come to understand, a Jihadist main objective is to A) Cause the greatest amount of damage and B) send a message to the most amount of people they can, and B is accomplished by attacking the focal point of the major media agencies. And this focal point is of course set by the U.S. army. Democrats mocked Bush's description of Iraq as the "central front in the war on terror", but they didn't see that this was made by design. It was a military strategy. Every fanatic who hated the great Satan wanted in on the action, and was lured into Iraq. From a military point of view, Iraq was the best trap for Islamic crazies, with its open country side being very susceptible to air trikes. As important as the military benefits, are the economic benefits, controlling the oil fields would be very profitable for the U.S. (Yes yes the invasion of Iraq was wrong on so many levels, but i am not discussing that issue).

Obama agrees with the war on terrorism, but he just thinks that it should be fought somewhere else. Now in my opinion the most important thing in war, is picking your battlefield. And if you go through your history books, you would realize that Afghanistan isn't the best choice. Afghanistan is a brutal battlefield, largely invulnerable to modern warfare, something the British and Russians learned the hard way. Bush removed the Taliban from power and for the next seven years, the only news we heard out of Afghanistan were occasional announcements of parliamentary elections as the spotlight moved to Iraq. But now America's foreign policy will be based on political correctness, not military strategy. During the campaign, Obama rambled on about Iraq being a "war of choice" and Afghanistan a "war of necessity" for no more thoughtful reason than the desire to win a standing ovation. The difficult choices Obama now faces in Afghanistan are of his own making, because now they are starting to notice, that from a military perspective Afghanistan is nothing like Iraq. Obama is obliged to move the central front in the war on terrorism from Iraq (a good Battleground for the U.S.) to Afghanistan (a bad battleground for the U.S.). All of a sudden the Iraq war looks 100 times more "winnable" then they we thought. And once again, a democrat puts the U.S. in a "really unwinnable" war....

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

hurts my eyes

If you live in Beirut, you have probably seen this all over the city, and in my opinion a it's a candidate for the wost AD of the year, and maybe of the decade.

This should make every creative mind working at an advertising agency scream in disgust.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

life in 6 bottles

Bottle 1: The Baby Bottle. Your first meal.

Bottle 2: Coca Cola Bottle. Your first love.

Bottle 3: Beer Bottle. Your first addiction.

Bottle 4: Vodka Bottle. Your last addiction.

Bottle 5: Wine Bottle. Your last love.

Bottle 6: The I.V. (Intravenous therapy) Your last meal.


Which bottle are you on?

After several people have questioned the validity of an I.V. being a bottle, i have decided to clear things up here.
Bottle Definition 1, Bottle Definition 2:
  • Hollow ✓
  • Glass, clay, plastic, or aluminum ✓
  • Container ✓
  • Narrow neck ✓
  • For holding liquids ✓

Sunday, September 27, 2009

the_wass kutcher

one of the greatest pranks of all time.....and yes this is the exact conversation! looool
Just Priceless stuff...

Amy all the way. says:

dude I have something to tell you...

Amy all the way. says:

but promise you won't get upset...

Evjen says:

ok i promise...

Amy all the way. says:

you know i really don't know how to tell you this so I think you should read this instead

Amy all the way. says:

Evjen says:

what??? Did you do that?

Amy all the way. says:

yeah dude... I'm actually using the computer in jail.. in canada

Amy all the way. says:

i'm getting out in six months... so I'll go straight to bora bora

Evjen says:

no don´t lie.... You were in London just a few days ago

Amy all the way. says:

yeah I was deported..

Amy all the way. says:


Evjen says:

what???? I´m totally lost.... But you did it in 2001... Why did you do it???

Amy all the way. says:

yeah they finally caught me

Amy all the way. says:

I came back to london and I was contesting the charges

Amy all the way. says:

i need you to come help me out ann..

Amy all the way. says:

can you do that for me?

Evjen says:

wassim this is all to strange for me... I don´t know what to say... What about your parents... were they in this as well?

Amy all the way. says:

No they weren’t, they know about it but they don’t want to help me. This is what I need from you, I need you to go to London, and meet a person called Issam Al Shaz, then he will give you some money and a plane ticket to Canada. Take it and come here. Then go and buy two tickets to bora bora, one way. OK so far?

Evjen says:

Wassim I can’t do this. Please I’m so scared. Please explain this to me…why????

Amy all the way. says:

Dude its really important that you keep your shit together ok? Just concentrate and do what I’ll tell you. In Canada call this other guy, Hossam Eyoora, he will take youto the police station where you’ll bail me out and we’ll go to bora bora together. But you can’t see your parents for a while, so say your goodbyes.

Evjen says:

Wassim please! You’re scaring me, I’m really lost… please… call me now…what the fuck is going on?

Amy all the way. says:

dude I cannot believe you bought that.... this will go down in history as the best joke in the whole world

Amy all the way. says:


Evjen says:

i hate you so much

Amy all the way. says:


Amy all the way. says:

you figured 'he's an arab, he'd do it'

Amy all the way. says:

you are so gay

Amy all the way. says:

please admit that was perfect

Evjen says:

i don´t want to talk to you

Saturday, September 19, 2009

leb-politics venn-diagram

Venn diagrams are diagrams that show all hypothetically possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets.
With our country still without a government, i cant help but ask myself why this political system we have in place is so retarded. The main problem and the answer to my question is that we have the near perfect equilibrium of the three main enemies of human collaboration and tolerance: Stupidity. Politics. Religion.

Monday, September 14, 2009

simply the best

US Open Semi-Final 2009

Roger Federer Stand Alone Records:
  • 15 Grand Slam Titles
  • 21 Grand Slam Finals
  • 10 Consecutive Grand Slam Finals
  • 22 Consecutive Grand Slam Semi-Finals
  • Most Years Winning At Least 3 Grand Slam Titles (3)
  • Most Consecutive Grand Slam Sets Won (36)
  • Simultaneously Held Grand Slam Titles on Clay, Grass, and Hardcourt
  • Most Consecutive Weeks at No. 1 on the Rankings (237)
  • Most Prize Money in a Single Calendar Year ($10,130,620)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

japanese game shows

I have some new found love for the Japanese people. This race of people are some sick bastards but they also have the coolest game shows on the planet!!
If this is the crazy shit they do on freaking public TV, i cant even imagine what the hell these people do in private.

This stuff is hilarious.

Jap learning English

Tongue Twister

Silent Library


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

obama's evil school speech

You can read the full communist back to school speech here.
According to Neocons and very conservative republicans, Obama is recruiting his "Hitler Youth Brigade".
I love the United States of America.
"you have a system that is wildly, wildly out of control, and they are capturing your kids. As Van Jones himself has said, the earlier we get the kids, the earlier we make this adjustment with the youth, the easier this transition is going to be. Stand guard America. Your republic is under attack." - Premiere Radio Networks' The Glenn Beck Program, 9/2/09
Right. He should have gotten up there and told them to get ready to flip burgers...
I can't wait for the next elections.
"Say No to Communism", "Freedom is at Risk". Cheney/Palin 2012.

He even mentioned the EVIL Harry Potter. Republican kids shouldn't have been allowed to listen to the speech, they are better of watching wrasslin', and if they finished cleaning their guns, they can stay up and watch COPS.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

in memory of pedo-MJ

Pedobear shows up on MJ's neverland ranch, knocks hard on the door and YELLS: the WAY you MAKE me feel
MJ: who is it?
Pedobear: the real smooth criminal

MJ opens door

MJ surprised: its like im looking at the Man in the Mirror
Pedobear: you are not alone

Pedobear walks in

MJ: i want you back
Pedobear: you rock my world
MJ: i want you so bad

They start

MJ: can you feel it?
Pedobear: don't stop till you get enough
MJ: you feel like little Dirty Diana
Pedobear: that pretty young thing
MJ: i wanna be where you are

They switch positions

MJ enjoying himself: can heal the world
Pedobear with a smirk on his face: its like a b c for me
MJ lighting a cigarette after they finish: there must be more to life than this
Pedobear: there is, but they just don't care about us

Little 5 year old Billie Jean walks into MJ's Bedroom

Billie Jean: michael...can i have some Jesus Juice?
MJ: not beat it you litt.....
Pedobear as he injects MJ with a deadly drug overdose: that girl is mine

The End


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

the truth

What's the definition of truth?
No not the one out of a normal dictionary, but the one that reality comes up with. I found quite a lot of definitions all around the web, here are the ones i found interesting, and added my example to illustrate:
  1. antidote to fear.
    Saddam has WMDs, and the truth is, we will find them

  2. the version of the past, present and future that most people agree upon.
    Jesus is the son of God

  3. what the world is afraid of.
    Smoking kills, poverty spreading, religion crashing, capitalism failing, WMDs scaling, and evil prevailing

  4. a word that means you only agree with what is said to you.
    P1: what time is it? P2: 9:30 P1: True

  5. what Hassan Nassrallah says.
    Israel killed prime-minister Rafic Hariri, Israel killed Jibran Tueni, Israel killed Pierre Gmayyel, Israel took down the twin towers, Israel blew up Hiroshima, Israel stole your apple, etc..(u get the idea), march 14 are thieves, march 14 hate Lebanon, march 14 love Israel, march 14 attacked Hezbollah in 2006, Saniora slept with Condi, Saniora loves Condi, march 14 took your money, march 14 are getting M1A1 Abrams battle tanks from U.S., and America is a two headed flaming monster that wants to eat you with ketchup

  6. what you want but can't have.
    Megan Fox

  7. what religion claims to be.
    Science is also the truth, thus science is a religion

  8. something that sets you free.
    Walid Jumblat: "the truth is, my alliance with March 14 was driven by necessity"
How do we determine the truth when we can manufacture it?
Tarski's undefinability theorem stated and proved by Alfred Tarski in 1936, that arithmetical truth cannot be defined in arithmetic.
The theory applies more generally to any sufficiently strong formal system(a.k.a the brain), showing that truth in the standard model of the system cannot be defined within the system.

Friday, August 28, 2009

close combat

Talk about wanting to get your point across no matter what. This takes balls. Seriously who looks in control of the situation? The Israeli soldier pointing his M4 Carbine, or the Palestinian civilian pointing his finger?
I guess 50 years of abuse will do that to you.
On a positive note, at least they are talking....

Saturday, August 22, 2009


"The condemnation of anti-Palestinian violence not carried out by the state blurs the true problem of state violence; the condemnation of illegal settlements blurs the illegality of the legal ones." - Slavoj Zizek / The Guardian
I was reading an article on The Guardian yesterday about the slow but steady Israeli expansion in the West Bank, and i was astonished about how obvious the Zionist imperialism can seem when you look closely and beyond the fog of politics they create to blind us from whats is really going on. For over 50 years now, Israel has maintained this conflict. Meaning they don't really want to end it because in reality, as long as there is a conflict, Israel will be able to expand into the West Bank and thus rendering the creation of a Palestinian state impossible in the future.

Many people hear about Jewish settlements, and their expansion on the news, but its hard to see the truth and the obscene nature of this gradual stealing of land unless you research a bit and get to see some maps, diagrams, and actual population numbers.
Below is a comprehensive chart about the settlement population growth (up to 2008):

That's half a million people in 36 years who are now living in a land that's not theirs to live in, Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories captured in the 1967 six day war are considered illegal. International intergovernmental organizations such as the Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, every major organ of the European Union have declared that the settlements are a serious violation of international law. Non-governmental organizations including Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch have also characterized the settlements as a violation of international law. In 1978, the Legal Adviser of the Department of State to the United States Congress concluded that "the establishment of the civilian settlements in those territories is inconsistent with international law. Israel disagrees, with everyone.
Early 2009 estimates say that the settlement population in the West Bank has today exceeded 300,000. And with these settlements comes an even more degrading accomplice...the West Bank barrier (the black line in the picture to the right). Basically Israel builds an impenetrable wall around the settlements inside the West Bank, effectively annexing the lands into becoming part of Israel. There is a very detailed map of the West Bank here that everyone should definitely see. With all those settlements scattered around the West Bank like a virus eating away at its host, how is it possible, on the ground, for the suggested two-state solution to work?

As for leaving East Jerusalem for the Palestinians, that is an issue that the Israelis will never even discuss seriously, they have created an unbearable situation for the Palestinians there. Checkpoints, permits, searches, applications, and all kinds of other regularities that hinder any chance of pursuing a normal life.
Taking all this into account, in no way will i excuse the way the Palestinians are defending themselves. In my opinion the Palestinian people are duped into following political parties that won't ever have the ability to help their cause. Politically both Hamas and Fatah have failed, they have both lost the media war with Israel, and militarily they are a joke. The closest thing to a true leader the Palestinians ever had was Yasser Arafat, but he also failed when he didn't see the opportunity he had for his people during Yitzhak Rabin's time as Prime Minister. Rabin was the conflicts best hope for peace, but he was of course assassinated only moments after he was singing Shir LaShalom (literally Song for Peace) at a mass rally in support of the Oslo process.

I like to call it Slow-Mow-Genocide.

Friday, August 21, 2009

usain bolt 19.19s

And he does it again.
This time he breaks his own 200m WR and makes it look so easy. He blows out everyone else by a mile, and shatters his WR by 0.11s, which is an amazingly large number in track and field language.
This guy is not human.

World Championships in Berlin 2009
200-Meter Final
1st: Usain Bolt 19.19s
2nd: Alonso Edward 19.81s
3rd: Wallace Spearmon 19.85s

Thursday, August 20, 2009

social media revolution

I am still trying to make sense of all of it, i don't really understand what message this video is really trying to send everyone. It's a lot of numbers put together in a video to confuse you into believing anything, kinda like all those 9/11 videos that used to pop up every now and then.
But this one is quite interesting, id like to hear some opinions.
So what do you make of it?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

the chronicles of douche

Ladies and Gents I have been silent for too long. I feel betrayed. My world is crumbling down around me. He came to me as a young innocent boy, crying out for some help. Those blinking eyes. That faux-moustache fuzz that his mother forbade him to shave off until senior year. The blonde highlights that he got in Saudi. I embraced him. Took him in, and for years gently groomed him, moulded him. Every year I would wait in anticipation at the arrivals lounge in Beirut International Airport, stretching my neck to catch a glimpse of my project. Then it started to happen. At first I didn’t want to believe it. I was in denial. But by the second year of university I had to face the facts; my beautiful caterpillar had blossomed into a butterfly. A Butterfly that wears leather pants with the ass cut out. A Butterfly that spends its Sunday mornings at organic markets. A Butterfly that gives a Guatemalan waiter called Pico a hand-job in the toilet at Hardee’s.
A Douche Butterfly.

I have suffered in silence for too long, and now I am forced to share his tales with the world. I hereby introduce this new feature, brought to you by us, his friends, SiMz and The_Wass; The Chronicles of Douche.
Stay posted.

he did not touch him

A small rivalry for the Asian Basketball crown between Lebanon and China started around 8 years ago, when the 2001 ABC group game between the two teams ended in a brawl, and at least 3 Lebanese players ended up in the hospital. The two teams played again in the Final of that same tournament, and also in the 2005 final, where China beat Lebanon on both occasions to be crowned winners. Lebanon have never beaten China in any game over the past 9 years, they are 0 for 6.
The Lebanese have dramatically found a way not to win in each of the past 5 ABC tournaments.
They either go out in an agonizingly heartbreaking way, or get blown out, no middle ground, just like everything Lebanese.

2001/2nd place: Blown out by China in the Final 97-63.
2003/4th place: Lost in a heartbreaking OT game against Korea in the Semi's 85-83, then that completely demoralized team lost to Qatar in the 3rd/4th place game 77-67. Costing the team a spot in the 2004 Summer Olympics tournament.
2005/2nd place: Beaten by China twice during that tournament, in the group stages 87-73 and in the final 77-61.
2007/2nd place: China didn't participate with a full squad that year, because they had an automatic birth to the summer Olympics. One of the greatest days in Lebanese history since we qualified to summer Olympics in Beijing. But not champions of Asia, as Lebanon dramatically lost a very tight final to Iran 74-69.
2009/4th place: Lebanon again loses twice to China in the same tournament, a 71-68 loss in the group stages, and then the now infamous 72-68 loss in the semi's. And again a completely demoralized team lost to Jordan in the 3rd/4th place game 80-66. Costing the team a spot in the 2010 Fiba World Championship.

They were so close to beating China this time, and if not for a terrible foul call in the final seconds, Lebanon would have finally gotten over the Chinese hump! It was one of those games where the people watching knew that, if not for that call, Lebanon was not going to lose that game. But the referee blew his whistle for a ghost call, gave China 3 free throws, and broke the Lebanese players' will and hearts.

He didn't touch him!

The Lebanese team has always found a way to recover from terrible losses, but i do not know about this one. It was a dagger. I am proud of the team, proud of the heart they showed, and hopefully one day they will be rewarded.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

roy keane is beirut.

On a warm April night in Turin, amidst the swirls of Italian flags, the clouds of flare smoke and the deafening whistles of greasy pasta eating, hand waving, cheating bastard Italians, a young boy found his identity.
This young boy was watching the second leg of the Champion’s League semi-final between Juventus FC and Manchester United on the floor of his parent’s bedroom in Cairo, and little did he know he was about to witness the closest thing to Godliness live in front of his own eyes.
Wassim Matar was born in Maadi Hospital in Cairo, Egypt to Lebanese parents Youssef and Madeleine Matar, he lived in Cairo for 13 years, sandwiching a 2 year stint in London when he was two. In September 1999 he would move to his real home, Beirut, but only physically. His spiritual and emotional move would happen five months before that, on Wednesday the 21st of April, 1999.
A week before that, a majestic sweep of Ryan Giggs’ left foot salvaged the home leg of the tie for the Utd; they arrived in Turin with the aggregate score at 1-1. Juventus at the time were the giants of the European scene. They boasted the likes of Zidane, Davids (pre-doping), Conte and Deschamps in Midfield and Del Piero and Inzaghi in attack. Angelo Peruzzi was in goal, and this is before he decided to drink a cup a pure fat for breakfast. They were amazing. Solid. Ruthless. Stylish. A joy to watch.
Man Utd were only starting to believe that they actually belonged in the Champion’s League, let alone deserve to win it. They lined up as follows; Schmeichel, G.Neville, Johnsen, Stam, Irwin, Beckham, Butt, Keane, Blomqvist, Cole and Yorke.
I was so excited that I almost vomited on my Filas (The Grant Hills). They kicked off and almost immediately I was crushed; 6 minutes in and Edgar Davids plays an amazing through ball that Beckham hooked out for a corner. It was played short and Zidane swung a ball to the far post where Inzaghi, being anally penetrated by Neville, pokes it in and reels away. Three minutes later another long ball reaches Inzaghi, he swivels and shoots, and I watched in absolute horror as it bounced off of Jaap Stam’s boot and looped over Schmeichel.
Game over. And it took less than 10 minutes. The camera panned across the field showing the crestfallen features and expressions of the Manyoo players and coaching staff. They were all miserable. Except one player. Royston Keane did not flinch. He rolled up his sleeves, took the ball to the centre circle and they kicked off. When people think of Keane they think of a defensive midfielder, shutting down opposition teams through either snarling desire (see Arsenal in January 2000) or forensic intelligence (Liverpool in the 1996 FA Cup final, his best performance in the opinion of some). In Turin, however, his most significant contribution was offensive: not just his richly symbolic goal to get United back in the contest, but his rhythmic, hypnotic passing, particularly at 2-0 down, that got United going and broke the will of Juventus, who looked into his eyes and saw only an absolute certainty that United would go through. They would have been less scared had Satan himself walked on to the pitch. Then he got booked, ruling him out of the final. But that didn’t stop him. Pass, pass, tackle. Pass, Pass, tackle.
Andy Cole crossed for his strike partner, whose relationship was bordering on the homo-erotic, to head in the equalizer that would see them through on away goals. But Keane didn’t let them settle. He kept pushing them until the last minute when Dwight Yorke burst through Tacchinardi’s tackle and rounded Peruzzi only to be hauled down allowing Cole to finish. It was the ultimate act of sacrifice; he led his team to the Promised Land only he would not be there with them.

This game usually gets forgotten because the one that followed was of course Bayern Munich’s last minute collapse that resulted in United’s second European Cup and Fergie’s first. Manchester United would then go on to arguably their best period of dominance that still continues today, but ask any United fan and they will point to 1999 as their favorite year. This is how I felt the past weeks I spent in Beirut. No matter what highs or what lows await us, the Lebanese people, for me this is my Champions League semi final second leg. It still has its faults, its weaknesses; Lebanon, symbolically, still has Ryan Giggs’ hamstrings, Henning Berg’s Injury record, and of course Phil Neville’s everything. We know that eventually we will need to address our very own ‘Ferguson’s Successor Dilemma’. But now, we can enjoy all what is good because we’ve lived through our fair share of heartbreak. For me Lebanon’s summer of 2009 pushed past Pessotto and rose above Di Livio at the near post to glance David Beckham’s corner into the back of the net.
The way I felt about Beirut as I boarded the plane was the exact way I felt as the full time whistle sounded at 23:45 pm Cairo time; I had just witnessed the start of something special and I was finally proud to call Beirut my home and my team.

Here are extended highlights of THAT night, I challenge you to watch it without getting chills and misty eyed (sorry about the shit music).

did liverpool miss xabi alonso?

Using the guardian interactive chalkboards, i compared the passing between Xabi Alonso and his replacement Lucas.
Looking at last years game between Tottenham and Liverpool on 24/5/09, with Xabi playing in midfield, i compared those games' passing numbers with Sunday's game.

  1. Xabi completed 15 more passes
  2. His overall passing is much more attacking, meaning if you take a close look, his playing area is a bit more upfield than Lucas. This means Xabi creates much more danger near the penalty area.
  3. Most of the passes made by Lucas were either lateral or backwards, no through passes whatsoever.
  4. Xabi has more unsuccessful passes, bas those passes were in or around the penalty area, meaning its the cost of Xabi's play making ability and vision.
So overall, they really do miss him and there lack of chances on Sunday was mostly because of the lack of supply from the midfield to attack.